SliderMania Men


Put together difficult puzzles with masculine themes


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If you like puzzles and you want to test your logical thinking and strategy, then SliderMania Men is your game.

With SliderMania Men, you can complete classic sliding puzzles to form images with a little twist. The twist is this: the application has a timer that will show how much longer you have to complete the puzzle, and later, you can compete against yourself to try to beat that record. Choose your favorite image from the fifteen that are available, choose the difficulty level on which you want to play (the difficulty level determines the number of squares into which the image will be divided), and start to race against the clock.

The mechanics of this game are easy to learn, but don't worry, the puzzles are still very difficult to solve. You'll really have to use your brain. Play alone or with your friends and show them who's the best in the world of puzzles.
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